We support our clients in the search for talent


We contribute to the optimization of the productivity of our clients, strengthening their organizational culture.

Our services of Ábaco Selection add value to our clients, since we attract the ideal candidates to make up their work team.

Having a talented team allows our clients to increase their productivity and build a successful organizational culture.

We support our clients in attracting and retaining talent through our multidisciplinary team of specialists and using state-of-the-art technology.

Through our Abaco Selection service, we present our clients with the ideal candidates to fill their vacant positions in senior management, middle management and line staff.

We carry out this work by analyzing the labor market and consulting our extensive pool of human capital, which allows us to offer only candidates who meet the experience, knowledge and salary claims marked by the profile of positions.

We accompany our clients throughout the process of attracting talent, and we assist them in determining the perceptions of their employees, according to the labor market.

We also prepare job descriptions of current and vacant positions.

Ábaco Selection also offers the process of induction of recent talent, with the aim of making their incorporation and adaptation as fast and efficient as possible, both to the organization as a whole and to each position.

Benefits we offer through Ábaco Selection

Selection of the right candidates for each position.
Generation of savings and efficiency in the process of attracting and retaining talent, as well as its induction into the organization.
Have a multidisciplinary team, specialized in attracting and retaining talent.
Decrease in the turnover rate of human capital.

Publication of vacancies in many job boards, electronic and printed.
Written report of the interviews carried out, verification of references, psychometric tests and socioeconomic surveys.
Confidentiality throughout the process.
Satisfaction guarantee.