Human capital management that generates value and trust


Through a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals.

Our services of Ábaco Laboral offer a high added value to our clients since they constitute a factor of operational efficiency and generation of savings.

For this reason, our clients hire the services of integral management of human capital, since they generate value and trust.

We provide the services of Ábaco Laboral through a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals in the integral administration of human capital, as well as in the determination of perceptions and relative taxes.

Benefits we offer through Ábaco Laboral

Certainty in the calculation of payroll by a specialized team.
Permanent labor advice offered by the best labor lawyers.
Specialized advice on migration matters.
Access to FONACOT credit.

Life insurance, at no cost.
Membership of first medical contact, including spouse and children, at no cost.
Personal credit with discount on payroll.
Personal credit for the purchase of household goods and auto insurance, at preferential prices.

Support in attracting and retaining talent.
Insurance for major medical expenses at preferential prices.
Access to undergraduate and postgraduate level scholarships at the Tec Milenio University.

The service of Ábaco Laboral consists of supplying and managing the human capital that our clients require to operate, in addition to generating the payroll and determining their relative tax burden.

In the same way, our team of professionals carries out the movements of registrations and cancellations of the collaborators before the IMSS and advises our clients in the conclusion of employment contracts, establishing controls to follow up on holiday periods, seniority and administrative records, and keeping the personnel files updated.