Proud sponsors of Program Hombre

Programa Hombre

It is a non-profit Civil Association that operates the only Therapeutic Community in Cancun for the prevention and treatment of addictions "PROGRAMA HOMBRE" in which it works with the treatment model of Men’s Program in Spain, unique in Mexico.

"PROGRAMA HOMBRE" was created by a group of Cancunenses businessmen concerned about the alarming increase in the rates of addiction and crime among adolescents and young people in Cancun and was thinking of offering professional treatment in quality facilities available to anyone who wants to recover from their addiction without distinction of gender, religion or socioeconomic status.

Our therapists have more than 10 years of experience working with addictions, starting as volunteers in various treatment programs and then training for more than a year at the facilities of Programa Hombre, in Malaga, Spain to be certified in this model of prevention and care.

"PROGRAMA HOMBRE" is one of the homes of the Ciudad de la Alegría Foundation, A.C. and has created alliances with institutions of great privilege such as Cáritas de Quintana Roo, DIF Municipal and the Benito Juárez Municipality by being part of the Municipal Council Against Addictions.

We currently have the following programs:

  • Therapeutic Community for treatment of addictions in the residential modality. internment for young people and adults who cannot stop consuming.
  • Outpatient Program: For people who maintain their family, economic or school structure.
  • Universal prevention school program "All Together" Program applied in schools for students from 5th grade of primary to 3rd year of secondary school.
  • Selective Prevention Program. For adolescents and young people at risk.
  • Indicated Prevention Program. For adolescents and young people with experimental use of licit and illicit substances.
  • Family Program. All the above programs are accompanied by this program so that the family is a protective factor.
  • Talks and workshops for companies. Program of different interrelated emotional health talks focused on the prevention of absenteeism from work due to addictions.
  • Talks and workshops to Schools. Prevention program for students and parents that help restructure roles, improve communication and establish rules that help prevent addiction in adolescents and young people.

After almost three years of operation, we have served more than 100 users in the Therapeutic Community. We have also worked with the families of all the users served and have benefited more than 200 children and their families with the school prevention course and more than 500 people with the emotional health workshops taught in different hotels, companies and schools.

In "PROGRAMA HOMBRE" We believe that the human being who mistook his answer in some circumstance of his life, has the ability to get ahead as long as someone accompanies him and guides him along the way, that is why we are here.