Training that puts the learned theory into practice


We contribute to the development of our clients through the development of their human capital.

Ábaco Training in our training methodology is constructivist, differing from traditional training in that we emphasize the implementation of the learned theory.

With this, we contribute to the development of our clients through proven structures in our courses, seminars and workshops.

The multidisciplinary team of specialists of Ábaco Training also has extensive experience in the service industry, so we advise our clients to successfully carry out the opening of new establishments.

We also provide our clients with business advice for the formulation of the corporate philosophy, including its mission, purpose, vision, objectives and values.

We also provide advice for the preparation of operation manuals, containing job descriptions, policies and procedures.

Benefits we offer through Ábaco Training

Improve the work environment.
Increase the performance of its employees.
Establish performance evaluation mechanisms, detecting areas of opportunity.

Training Range

The range offered by Ábaco Training covers topics such as:

Customer Service.
Time Management.