Terms and Conditions

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals (LFPDPPP) Administradora Bolonchén, S. de R.L. de C.V. which will be called "Grupo Ábaco", puts at your disposal the following Privacy Notice:


The legal entities responsible for collecting your personal data will be the holding companies, subsidiaries or affiliates that are under the common of the business group of Administradora Bolonchén, S. de R.L. de C.V. who together will be called "Grupo Ábaco” which for the purposes of this Privacy Notice indicate as the address located on Bonampak Avenue, Manzana 1, Lote 1, Oficina 808, Sm 6, Corporativo Malecón Américas, Benito Juárez, C.P. 77500, Quintana Roo, Mexico. You hereby inform you that the personal data, including sensitive, patrimonial or financial data that you have provided to this company by any means, including but not limited to, through emails, fax, filling out forms, telephone calls, contracts, mail, business cards, digital media, etc.; will be treated strictly under the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty and responsibility.


The personal data that "Grupo Ábaco” collects from you will be the following:

1. Birth Certificate. 7. Phone Number.
2. Official Identification. 8. Personal email.
3. Proof of Address. 9. FIEL
4. CURP 10. Documentation of Legal Stay in the country (if applicable)
5. RFC 11. Bank Statement
6. Social Security Number. 12. Financial Statement.


“Grupo Ábaco”, informs you that the personal data provided by you will be used to:

Primary Purposes:

1.-     Allow the use of video surveillance cameras, which will be used to safeguard your safety and the people who visit us, with the establishment of security and control measures, such as entry and exit registration card, use of surveillance video recording devices, by placing cameras in certain strategic areas of the work area.

2.-    Ábaco Nómina.

  • Payroll and tax burden
  • Certainty in the calculation of payroll by a specialized team.
  • Permanent labor advice offered by the best labor lawyers.
  • Support in attracting and retaining talent.

3.-    Ábaco Laboral.

  • Certainty in the calculation of payroll by a specialized team.
  • Permanent labor advice offered by the best labor lawyers.
  • Specialized advice on migration matters.
  • Access to FONACOT credit.

4.-    Ábaco Selección.

  • Selection of the right candidates for each position.
  • Generation of savings and efficiency in the process of attracting and retaining talent, as well as its induction into the organization.
  • Have a multidisciplinary team, specialized in attracting and retaining talent.
  • Decrease in the turnover rate of human capital.
  • Publication of vacancies in a large number of job boards, electronic and printed.
  • Written report of the interviews carried out, verification of references, psychometric tests and socioeconomic surveys.
  • Confidentiality throughout the process.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.

5.-    Ábaco Capacita.

  • Improve the work environment.
  • Increase the performance of its employees.
  • Establish performance evaluation mechanisms, detecting areas of opportunity.

6.-    Ábaco Consultor.

  • Taxation.
  • Finance.
  • Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Labor Law.
  • Corporate Law.

Secondary Purposes:

1.-    In case of not hiring our services, we suggest you stay in our updated database to be able to contact you in the future and to be able to offer you our products and services again.

2.-    Make offers or promotions of our services

3.-    Facilitate the use of our internet portal: www.grupoabaco.mx

Personal data will be kept under the strictest confidentiality and may not be used other than those mentioned above, unless there is a change in this Privacy Notice.


Article 28 of the LFPDPPP makes it the holder of four rights to exercise:

  • Access your personal data that are in the possession of the person in charge, to know the Privacy Notice and its purposes.
  • Rectify your data in case of being inaccurate, incorrect or outdated.
  • Cancel your personal data when you consider that they are not being used for the fulfillment of the purposes established in this Privacy Notice.
  • Oppose the processing of your personal data with respect to any of the purposes established in this Privacy Notice.

"Grupo Ábaco" will not be obliged to cancel personal data when it comes to any of the cases established by law, among others the following: that refers to the parties to a private, social or administrative contract and are necessary for its development and compliance; they must be treated by legal provision; judicial or administrative proceedings linked to tax obligations are hindered, the investigation and prosecution of offences or the updating of administrative sanctions; are necessary to protect the legally protected interests of the holder; are necessary to comply with an obligation legally acquired by the holder and are subject to treatment for prevention, for medical diagnosis or the management of health services, provided that such treatment is carried out by a health professional subject to a secret duty.


Likewise, we inform you that the personal data provided to "Grupo Ábaco” are duly protected through technological, physical and administrative security measures, preventing the improper use or disclosure thereof. Access to such information will only be allowed to those who have an express written authorization from the owner who fully identifies them as authorized to make use of personal data, exclusively for the fulfillment of the purposes indicated in this Privacy Notice.



To exercise your rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition or your right to revoke the consent for the processing of your personal data, it must be by means of a free writing stating what is convenient to your right regarding the misuse, rectification of your personal data sent to the following email: contacto@arycia.mx and complying with the requirements indicated in article 29 of the regulations of the LFPDPPP. Or presented your letter physically, in Spanish, in accordance with the requirements established in the forementioned article at the address established in paragraph (I), of this Privacy Notice.

For the origin of the exercise of your ARCO rights, you must prove the ownership of your ARCO rights or the representation with respect to the owner through the presentation of a copy of your identification document or those established in article 89 of the regulations of the LFPDPPP.

For more information you can contact the phone: (+52 998) 113 1000 extension 1017


The personal data that have been provided to us, at no time will be disclosed, nor shared with third parties, in the sense that, it will not be considered for the purposes of this Privacy Notice, as a third party to the holding companies, subsidiaries or affiliates that are under the common of the business group of "Grupo Ábaco", which require to have the personal data to fulfill the forementioned purposes.

Likewise, personal data will only be transferred to third parties to comply with contractual, banking and credit, labor, administrative, fiscal and social security obligations that derive from the contractual relationship with the owner of the personal data. Therefore, the owner by giving his consent to this Privacy Notice, or by not opposing it in a manifest way, as soon as he has knowledge of it accepts that his personal data are treated for the purposes indicated above.

Third parties who transfer their personal data will be bound by the same terms of this Privacy Notice, comply with the respective security and confidentiality measures.

Similarly, we undertake to transfer your personal data to third parties without your consent, only for the cases established in article 37 of the LFPDPPP, as well as to carry out such transfer in the terms of a forementioned Law.


The owner of the personal data may revoke his consent to the processing of personal data at any time, in accordance with article 8 of the LFPDPPP, and must, solely for such purposes, send his request through a free letter to the Person in Charge of Personal Data, either by courier to the address or to the email mentioned in paragraph (VI) of this Privacy Notice.

In the same way, the owner of the personal data is informed that "Grupo Ábaco” will have a maximum period of 20 working days to inform him about the origin of the same and if appropriate, it will be effective within 15 business days following the date on which the response to the email you provide us for such purposes is communicated.


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In terms of the provisions of article 8 of the LFPDPPP, it will be understood that the owner tacitly consents to the processing of their data, when having made this Privacy Notice available to them, they do not expressly express their opposition.


We reserve the right to change this Privacy Notice at any time. These modifications will be available in any of the following media:

  1. Visible advertisements in our establishments.
  2. On our website.
  3. We will send them to you at the last email you provided to us.

We will not be liable if you do not receive notice of a change to the Privacy Notice if there is a problem with your email account or online data transmission.